The Petition

We have the opportunity to rebuild our university. We must seize it now.

Reclaiming Our University is a campaign that welcomes all staff and students at the University of Aberdeen.

The campaign’s aims are:

  • To foster free and open debate among staff and students around the purpose, values and ideals of the University, and to bring this debate to bear in shaping its future.
  • To restore the University to the community of staff and students to which it belongs, and to render the University’s management accountable to this community.

The aim of this petition ( is to garner support for The Manifesto as we attempt to get it passed through the University Senate.

“We, scholars, students, staff and alumni of the University of Aberdeen, call for fundamental reform of the principles, ethos and organisation of our university. Our university … should stand out as a beacon of wisdom, tolerance and humanity. These are our core values. They are moral and ethical, not instrumental, and cannot be measured on any scale. They rest on four pillars. These are freedom, trust, education and community.” (Paragraph 1 & 7 of The Manifesto).

The university we envision will:

  •  “Create an environment for free, open-minded and unprejudiced debate, which stands out as a beacon of wisdom, tolerance and humanity.
  • Defend our freedom to undertake research and teaching in the pursuit of truth, against the constraints, both internal and external to the institution, which threaten to curtail it.
  • Restore the trust that underpins both professionalism and collegiality, by removing the conditions of line and performance management, and of surveillance, which lead to its erosion.
  • Bring together research and teaching as complementary aspects of an education that carries a responsibility of care.
  • Abstain from the egregious language of business that would divide the university between ‘employers’, ‘employees’ and ‘customers’.
  • Restore the governance of the university, and control over its affairs, to the community of scholars, students, staff and alumni to which it rightfully belongs.” (Paragraph 4 of The Manifesto)

Here is the link for the full Manifesto. Please sign this petition in support of it’s aims and values:

The Launch

On Thursday 6th October, we held an open meeting to do a final revision of the manifesto and make any more amendments.

Up until this meeting, we received feedback on the initial draft through this blog, emails, and our Facebook page. This meeting was the last phase of editing the draft.

It was a productive meeting and we are glad to now present the final and official version of The Manifesto: reclaiming-manifestofinal.

We will be holding an official launch event for The Manifesto on Friday November 25th 2016, from 6-8pm, at King’s College Chapel. There will be music, poetry, and refreshments! All students, staff, scholars, and alumni of the University of Aberdeen are welcome to attend.

Here is a petition for anyone to sign in support of The Manifesto: