Trust Seminar

The below questions summarise the key issues brought up through discussion and debate by those that attended the seminar on ‘Regaining Trust’ on 21st January, 2016.

  • What managerial assumptions are made about staff and students? Are staff assumed to be professional or incompetent? Are students assumed to be conscientious or complacent? What values underpin these assumptions?
  •  What role do trusting relationships play in a learning community and workplace environment? What benefits do they bring?
  • Trust is easily lost. How can it be rebuilt and fostered? How can we restore goodwill between academic staff, students and university managers?
  • How can we balance trust with necessary checks on staff and students, while maintaining a sense of collective responsibility?
  • How can we make space for mistakes and fallibility while maintaining trust?

Please comment on this post and/or bring your thoughts around these questions to the assembly on Tuesday 22nd March, 2016, 5-7pm, New Kings Lecture Theatre 6.  These themes will be what structures the open discussions at the assembly.

The aim of the assembly, ‘The Manifesto’, is to review what we have achieved so far, and to lay the foundations for a manifesto for the future of the University. This is the opportunity for you to have your say in shaping this future. The manifesto will be drafted over the Easter break, after which the draft will be opened to consultation. We propose to launch the final version with an event in King’s College on the afternoon of Tuesday 24th May.

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