Education Seminar

The below questions summarise the key issues brought up through discussion and debate by those that attended the seminar on ‘Restoring Education’ on 4th February, 2016.

  • What is the meaning of ‘education’ in ‘higher education’? Is the educational mission of the University compatible with current articulations of teaching and learning?
  • Is education about providing an experience or questioning it? Can its effectiveness be judged by measures of satisfaction? Are students consumers or producers?
  • What matters most: new ideas in the subjects we study or new methods of studying them? Is pedagogic innovation an end in itself or a means to the rejuvenation of scholarship?
  • What does it mean to claim that our teaching is led by our research? How can the division between research and teaching be overcome?
  • Are digital technologies a help or a hindrance in higher education? Are they rendering ‘traditional’ methods obsolete? Are they any substitute for face-to-face engagement?

Please comment on this post and/or bring your thoughts around these questions to the assembly on Tuesday 22nd March, 2016, 5-7pm, New Kings Lecture Theatre 6.  These themes will be what structures the open discussions at the assembly.

The aim of the assembly, ‘The Manifesto’, is to review what we have achieved so far, and to lay the foundations for a manifesto for the future of the University. This is the opportunity for you to have your say in shaping this future. The manifesto will be drafted over the Easter break, after which the draft will be opened to consultation. We propose to launch the final version with an event in King’s College on the afternoon of Tuesday 24th May.

One comment

  1. Beth (ROUWG) · March 24, 2016

    A comment a staff member gave on the way out of the ‘Manifesto’ Assembly last week in regards to digital technologies: It would be great to have spaces within the University that are entirely technology-free.


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