Launching the campaign

On October 15th 2015, we launched a campaign for Reclaiming Our University, with a very well-attended assembly in the Dunbar Hall.
Some quotes from the meeting:
“The university trumpets its success, in its newly minted and glossily illustrated Strategic Plan, whilst academic life at the coal face has never felt less secure, less supported, less collegial and less conducive to scholarly endeavours in research and teaching”
“We live in a culture of fear and alienation at Aberdeen.”
“Students are treated like streams of profit and that influences the way we teach them”
“We create knowledge to inform the world, but don’t apply it in the university. Why are we not applying it to our own institutional practices?”
“What are the values that might define the type of university we can dream of in the future?…We cannot fall for the dichotomy of values versus business”
Since then, extensive and very constructive discussions have taken place right across the campus and its constituencies, about the kind of university we want, how it should be run and how to achieve it. These included a series of open seminars on the four pillars of freedom, trust, education and community.

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